Sharada Balak Vihar
( Pre - Primary )
Sharada Vidya Mandir
( Primary )
Laxmanrao Apte Prashala
( High School )
Laxmanrao Apte
( Junior College )
VM’s Vocational Training and Research Centre for deaf and Dumb students
Laxmanrao Apte
(Night School)

In the city of Pune, which is well known for its cultural and educational heritage, Vidya Mahamandal is an educational institute, imparting quality education to about 2000 students from varied backgrounds every year for the last 40 years.

Vidya Mahamandal Sanstha was established on 1st December 1961 by a small group of enthusiastic youths, who had very different ideas and views about giving education with an objective of an all-round development of the child as a good human deing.

The dream was timely supported by late Shri. G. L. Apte, an eminent lawyer and writer who donated a hugh piece of land on Apte road in the memory of his father late shri. Laxmanrao Apte, He was the president of the Pune municipality and was a famous lawyer of his time. Our trustee Shri. V. G. Apte is the grandson of late Laxmanrao Apte.

Today we witness a total of 7 educational offshoots of the Vidya Mahamandal standing on a campus big enough to house them all. But the beginning of this giant institution was small and humble. The Vidya Mahamandal made its forty into the educational field by establishing the “Vidya Mahamandal Prashala” in the year 1962. initially, the classes of this school were held in the tiny garage belonging to the Apte Family, while the school building was built. Late Balasaheb Bhole and the Late Madhavrao Apte, well-wishers of the Vidya Mahamandal, gave priceless help by providing financial support for the building, which was completed in the year 1967.

In the year 1968, with the initiative of (late) Mrs. Sharayu Vasant Apte, the Pre-Primary School - Sharada Balak Vihar was established. Later Mrs. Manik Apte also took initiative by working as a teacher in the school. For as many as 35 years, both of them took immense efforts and pioneered child education in such areas as Pulachi Wadi, Shirole Vasahat, Patil Vasti and Police Line, where education itself was a novelty.

The year of 1972 proved to be a historic year for the society. The erstwhile editor of “Sakal” a renowned daily newspaper Late Nanasaheb Parulekar visited Vidya Mahamandal and he unveiled the new name of the school, which was henceforth called as “Laxmanrao Apte Prashala”. He appreciated and paid tribute to the efforts and contribution of the Vidya Mahamandal Society to the educational field and urged the members to spread their efforts and contribute in different ways to society.

The Vidya Mahamandal endeavors to educate not only school students, but also the civil society various activities like tree plantation, Dedication Centers, providing food and shelter to pilgrims and so on. Thus through such activities, the vidya Mahamandal is constantly striving to realize the vision of the founder members: that of an educated and culturally aware civil society.

The undisputed dedication and excellent team work of the executive members has made it possible for the institute to serve the society through the following branches.

• Sharda Balak Vihar (Pre-primary)

• Sharda Vidya Mandir (Primary)

• Laxmanrao Apte Prashala (High School)

• Laxmanrao Apte Junior College (Higher secondary)

• Vidya Mahamandal’s Vocational Training and Research Centre for Deaf and Dump Students.

• Educational resource and research center.

Looking at the growing needs, the institute has now raised two floors of their existing building and one more five-storied building. With this there is a very good facility for library, equipped laboratories and computer room.


VIDYA MAHAMANDAL has not only educated hundreds of students and spread the message of importance of education, but has also given priority to providing quality education to its students. The Junior College ranks at the topmost position in Maharashtra. For the past 10 years, the HSC result has been 100%, with 8-10 students in the merit list. 

Till date, 16 students from VIDYA MAHAMANDAL have received the RASHTRIYA PRANJYA Scholarship, 22 students the 4th and 7th standard scholarship, and 6 students the international Olympiad.

Not only have the students proved their metal in the academic sphere, but have also displayed their talent in various creative fields such as television, Films and Music. As many as 5 students from VIDYA MAHAMANDAL have received the prestigious Sa Re Ga Ma award. The renowned recipient of the Hind Kesari Award Yogesh Dodake is also an ex-student of the institute.

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